The Mad Scientist’s Fair


by Harper Tiehen and Grant O’Meara


The biggest science fair in the WHOLE state is coming to town- landing right in between Shelley Central Junior High and Stevenson Southwest Middle School at the local college. Victoria Frankenstein, an up-and-coming biologist, and her friends enter on behalf of Shelley Central; they face tough competition from Henrietta Jekyll and her posse of dedicated scientists from Stevenson Southwest. As the girls go head-to-head, their creations wreak havoc on the other entrant’s projects. With everyone else disqualified, who will win in this mad science fair?





The Two Narrators (Either gender, older teens)

The narrators tell the story of Frankenstein and Dr. Jekyll at the beginning and are called away from their “important business” telling classic monster stories to narrate a silly musical about a science fair. Bored at first, they come to love the drama.


Victoria Frankenstein (F, tween or teen)

Victoria is usually lost in her own world. With her nose almost always buried in a book, she’s inspired by a classic horror story to enter the state-wide science fair on behalf of Shelley Central Junior High. With next to no knowledge of biology, she embarks on a journey to win the ultimate bragging rights at the fair. A fast study, though, Victoria quickly becomes a tough competitor.


Henrietta Jekyll (F, tween or teen)

Much more extroverted than Victoria, Henrietta has always been passionate about science and wise beyond her years. Already taking a college chemistry class in the 8th grade, she’s known for having a big head. But who can blame her? She’s the brightest student at Stevenson Southwest Middle School and will stop at nothing to win the science fair.


Frankenstein’s Monster (Either, teen)

Victoria’s creation is the epitome of an edgy teenager. They hate Victoria’s rules and resent that she won’t let them leave the science fair to go to a concert. Your stereotypical goth, they seem shallow and somewhat scary at first and have to prove there’s more to them than meets the eye.


Hyde (Either, tween or teen)

Hyde is everything Henrietta stands against- popular, sporty, and always in some sort of trouble. Hyde is the type of kid who’ll bully somebody into giving up the good table in the cafeteria but would cry if they ever got tattled on. They’re two-faced and often immature and jealous of Henrietta’s friends.




Professor Effical (Either, older teen)

A volunteer from the local college is organizing and judging the science fair. They’re an anxious busybody and a bit of a control freak. Professor Effical doesn’t exactly hate kids, but they have absolutely no experience with them- though Victoria and Henrietta are not only competing for the title of Science Fair Champion, but also for Effical’s favor.


Beth Frankenstein (F, tween)

Beth is Victoria’s little sister. A rough-and-tumble tomboy, she gets on great with Frankenstein’s monster. Her primary motivation is to kick Victoria’s butt in the competition, but also to win her sister’s praise. She enters an ant farm into the fair, with dire consequences.


Henry Clerval (M, tween or teen)

Best friends with Victoria, Henry is a quiet, somewhat reserved boy who comes to life when people mention history. His entry into the fair is a study on the plague and the creatures that carry it. Despite his introversion, he makes friends easily and eventually becomes a moderator between Victoria and her monster.


Gabe Utterson (M, tween or teen)

Like any young boy, Gabe has one thing on his mind- violence. Lackadaisical and overall disinterested in science, he enters the fair in the hopes that it’ll present the perfect opportunity to ask Henrietta out. His entry? A spinning wheel of swords, perfect for practicing fencing.



Hastie Lanyon (Either, tween or teen)

Hastie underestimated how far their friends were taking the whole science fair deal. Equipped with a measly baking soda volcano, they spend most of the story in deep despair. Hastie is very emotional, and they often break into tears- or rage- at the drop of the hat.




Vlad Dracula (Either, tween or teen)

The ultimate winner of the science fair, this native Pennsylvanian enters a mirror that doesn’t show their reflection. They speak (and sing) with a heavy accent.  A last minute entrant, they don’t expect the fair to be in shambles by the time they arrive, but Frankenstein’s monster and Hyde have managed to cause quite a bit of chaos.




The Competitors (Either, tween or teen)

The rest of the competitors in the fair. They sing and dance, with lots of solo lines of dialogue and song available. A range of genders and ages.


The Teachers (Either, older teen)

Less numerous than the competitors, but just as likely to be highlighted, they’re frazzled as they all try to maintain order at the rapidly crumbling science fair.


The Actors (Either, teen)

Shown in the opening song and the finale, the actors portray the “real” Frankenstein and Dr. Jekyll (and Elizabeth, Henry, the monster, Gabriel, Hastie, and Hyde). In something of a dream sequence, they act out their stories through song and will double as either competitors or teachers after the opening number.