About Us

The Melanie and Rosalie Albright Foundation exists to support youth participation in all aspects of theater. We offer enrichment and needs-based scholarships to cover the cost of dance, vocal, and acting classes. We also offer performance and technical theatre opportunities several times throughout the year at no cost to the participant. Without the Melanie and Rosalie Albright Foundation’s scholarship program and free theatrical opportunities, young people with a passion for performing may miss out on pursuing their dreams.

The Melanie and Rosalie Albright Foundation is the only nonprofit organization in the Indianapolis area offering scholarships to youth ages 6-21 for participation in any performing arts-related opportunities at the awardee’s location of choice.

We rely on our generous donors for their financial support to bring scholarships and theatrical opportunities to youth passionate about the performing arts.



Aimee Albright is married to RD Albright, mother to Adam, Melanie, and Rosalie.  Aimee is currently studying for her B.S. in Philanthropic Studies with a certificate in Event Management at the Lilly Family School of Philanthropy at Indiana University Indianapolis.  She is a Production Assistant at the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra’s Yuletide Celebration and produces and directs youth productions when she has the opportunity. You can read some of Aimee’s writings about loss, family, and faith at aimee.albright.wordpress.com 

Vice President of Operations

Adam Albright – Estimating Team Lead with Balance Claims

I have been fortunate to directly witness the positive impact that performance opportunities can have on personal growth & emotional support for local youth. It is important to continue cultivating a safe & accepting environment for the youth in our community.

Vice President of Technology

Joey Meister


R.D. Albright – Union Electrician IBEW Local 481

I am married to Aimee and am Adam, Melanie, and Rosalie’s dad. I love the Chicago Bears and New Mexico. I also love to ride Harleys. I think it is important to support youth in the arts because it reaches a unique niche of kids who are normally looked over. I have seen firsthand what theatre does for these kids. I have seen a person who is quiet and sits in the corner go to talking to everyone and is the star of the show. Not to mention the friendships that are made. That’s is why I pledge myself to further the youth arts and to bring honor to my daughter’s memory.


Jeanette Vaughan – Fine Arts Secretary Plainfield High School


Mikala Cunningham – Customer Service Assistant

I was homeschooled growing up and the theatre was one of my favorite places. The friendships you make in performing arts are irreplaceable. Performing arts provides a space for our youth to feel heard and comfortable. I want every kid to experience the same joy I did through the arts.


Deb Gosnell


Emmie Wright – Performer

Creating accessible opportunities for youth within performing arts creates an outlet for them that can’t be found anywhere else. As someone who grew up in theatre, I want everyone to have the same love, support, and growth opportunities that I had. Performing arts has an aspect for everyone and is a great place for youth to flourish.